Tuesday, March 25, 2014


Three years ago I had no idea Minutes of Gold existed. Their volunteers make tiny bereavement garments for babies born too soon, and donate the items to hospitals. Garments for babies like my girls. My two tiny little daughters were dressed and wearing tiny hats and wrapped in blankets thanks to Minutes of Gold.  I talk to them. I look at their pictures. I keep them on my dresser.  In their pictures it looks like they are sleeping.
Every 20 minutes a mother loses a baby from a preterm or still birth.  Every day 116 mothers in America join me.
On January 21, 2011, and then again on February 4, 2011; I became a statistic. I became a face of pregnancy loss. My loss has altered the course of my life. I only carried them for 21 and 23 weeks respectively but my girls changed me forever.
It’s been three years now, but I still wonder… “Would Tierney still look like me? Would Eden still look like her dad?”
I am grateful to Minutes of Gold because they recognized these are tiny babies, not just numbers in a statistical listing.

Jennifer “Jake” Ibarra is an SBD University graduate, San Francisco Native and mother to six including her preterm twin angels. Her personal experience combined with extensive birth and bereavement training make her an invaluable asset to the DoulaSpot team. For Jake's full story click here:  http://doulaspot.com/2014/03/jakes-story-loving-and-losing-tierney-and-eden/
*Photo courtesy of Jake and her family

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