Sunday, January 11, 2015


Another eventful year of growth and support for our Volunteer Organization.

Adding 23 Hospitals from Alaska, and 10 more including 1 from Hawaii, the new total served: 249
Starting in 1992 with 6 layettes in Woodland CA, the grand total for the 38 states now served: 21,872

Highlights for 2014:

MARCH:  Lifetime TV aired the Real Life story of Sean and Kiley Hanish, writers producers of the movie, RETURN TO ZERO, staring Minnie Driver and Paul Aldenstein. 

APRIL:  After 18 years of making layettes in Salome, AZ, the volunteers had to end their annual contributions. Sadly the workshops there were unable to continue, mostly due to illnesses. Salome was the headquarters for the program from 1996 to 2004.

AUGUST:  Our satellite group in Alaska had to close doors due to health problems.  They had 23 hospitals served. Those hospitals will now be supplied as needed by the Oregon Headquarters.

MEMORIAL LAYETTES: During the year we dedicated 40 layettes to various hospitals donated in honor of babies born sleeping. This helps the grieving families not only to have something appropriate to dress their baby in but help to know they are not alone.

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